Vantaan Hiihtoseura – Vantaa Ski Club in english

Vantaan Hiihtoseura (VHS)  is a specialized cross country skiing club in the capital area of Finland. Our main territory is Vantaa and our main training centre is Hakunila Sports Park.

In 2021-22 we were ranked as #3 in Finland amongst all ski clubs, #1 in top athlete activities.

We cater in many fields; competitions at all levels (yearly TV-races with some 1,5 mill TV-viewers), mass start competitions (including recreational level), events, ski schools, courses, training, charity.

We have two full-time employees; Head Coach and Executive Director and a vast number of volunteers and families running the club activities.

Our coaching and joint training takes place in several levels

  • 5-12 year old kids (this age group has been divided into four groups based on various criteria to enable everyone’s individual development)
  • 13-16 year old youngsters
  • 17-20 year old juniors
  • Adults
  • Marathon Ski group (young adults with some goals but without regular competing)
  • Seniors (60+)
  • Recreational trainers all ages

We co-operate with corporates in many ways (also in English)

  • different events
  • technique courses
  • ski waxing courses
  • roller ski and nordic walking/running courses
  • staff/team welfare days 2h – half day with both physical and mental wellbeing in scope

You might also be interested to promote your brand through us, here are some ways

  • TV-races with some 1,5 mill. national TV-viewer exposure
  • ski stadium exposure for the whole ski season with several million recreational skiers and our event visitors (average daily recreational skier amount in Hakunila is some 5000/day)
  • ski school branding
  • title sponsorship for events/competitions
  • and many more things…

Coming events, open to all, in autumn 2022 are

21.9., 5.10. and 12.10. Cross country running competitions

23.10. Nordic Running Race

Look up for more info on these or email us.

Feel free to contact us and find out more.

Hope to see you in Hakunila Sports Park. Let us educate you on cross country skiing!

Satu Kalajainen
Executive Director
Phone +358 40 524 5286


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